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Centralized Systems Are Failing

The future of data privacy and security is in jeopardy

$Trillions Will Migrate To Decentralized Systems

A new era of organic, transparent value creation is upon us

Far More Than Elite Technical Ability

The 55Foundry team is comprised of visionary new growth economy builders

Tamper-Proof Trust

Economies require robust, governance-based systems that 55Foundry provides

Decentralized Business Infrastructure

The paradigm shift to open, decentralized systems is democratizing economies and broadly empowering individuals

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Are Emerging

Value will migrate away from the centralized intermediary and the ‘company’ as its prevailing commercial construct

Societal Change

Inclusion, distribution of wealth and influence, breadth & level of prosperity, longevity & quality of life, greater hope

New Decentralized Economies

Billions more engaged in the global economy, via an irrefutably trustworthy new means, driving the next great raft of long-lost global growth

Governing Government

More efficient and effective government, accountability, transparency, outsourcing

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